New Year;s fireworks in sky

A New Year With A New Focus

Hey folks! Happy holidays. Sorry about the mess around here. I am in the midst of revamping this site and I have a new focus. I want to make sure to give you the best content I can as I start to move away from traditional social media platforms such as Facebook. So pardon me as I play around with themes until I really find one I like or at least would like to modify.

The Grand Plan

The plan is me reverting back to my original idea, (which I got way far off path..but anyway) of using this more like a tech platform of sorts. For those who know me, know that I’m always coding or working on some project. I have helped a good number of people either set up their own websites or some other type of web assistance with great success. I’ve had a few inquiries in the past about me doing a tutorial blog. At the time the idea of such a thing did not seem like something I would be capable of doing. But I have now come to realize that they were right. They were right in the fact that I should be sharing this knowledge with the rest of the world.

So the plan is to show some very basic computer tasks, slash basic computer coding tutorials. I want to also do a few articles on products that I’ve used that have made a difference in workflow or performance. All this, of course, mixed with a few stories about my wonderful nomadic lifestyle. I think this will prove to be if nothing more, a pretty techie, eclectic, fun site slash portfolio, kinda.


Now there will be periodic changes to the layout and design in an effort to illustrate the creativity that this site embodies. So don’t be alarmed if things one day look totally different from the previous. Just make sure you are on the correct website of I also value your opinion greatly on some things. So if I change something that absolutely makes your experience here less enjoyable let me know. You can always send a comment or you can always contact me here at doja (@)

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